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  • Asian Vegetarian

    Asian Vegetarian

    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Delicious authentic Asian Vegetarian recipes that you can create in your own kitchen. Just like a professional chef.

  • Chinese


    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Try a selection of authentic Chinese dishes confident that you will cook each recipe to perfection.

  • Desserts


    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    8 delicious desserts that will delight your family and friends.

  • Indian


    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Now you can introduce your family and friends to true authentic Indian cooking.

  • Italian


    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Your Italian friends will be impressed with your authentic Italian cooking.

  • Salads


    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Truly professionally creative salad recipes.

  • Seafood


    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Amazing seafood recipes that you would never have attempted before.

  • Sri Lankan

    Sri Lankan

    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Experience the true authentic flavours of Sri Lanka.

  • Thai


    $10.50 per CD or $1.50 per recipe

    Thai cooking is becoming very popular and now you can capture the true authentic flavours.

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