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My Own Chef Recipes

Watching a cooking program on television, where the celebrity chef was tasting a dish cooked by another chef, describing how delicious it tasted and how he had tried many times to cook the dish himself but could not get the flavours right, but now that the chef had explained how to do it he was going to put it on the menu in his own restaurant.

It occurred to us that if a professional chef had problems creating another chef's recipe then what chance would an average cook have?

Research has shown that only a small percentage of people that buy cookery books actually try to cook the recipes. The main reason is that the recipes never seem to turn out the same as the lovely photograph that accompanies the recipe.

There is no question that with the popularity of cooking shows, people want to try and cook meals they would have never attempted before. They buy jars and packages from supermarkets expecting to replicate a meal they had in a restaurant, but they never taste the same.

You will not create authentic meals from pre-prepared jars or packages.

We live in a world full of technology, making life easier for everyone, yet we are still trying to cook food from the same written recipes, a method that has not changed for centuries with the exception of photographs, the same inherent problems of trying to interpret the written instructions.

We had to come up with a new method that would allow everyone regardless of experience to create perfect authentic meals in their own kitchens.

Anyone would be able to create the perfect meal if they had the professional chef who created the recipe next to them in the kitchen guiding them through each stage of the recipe. It would be impossible not to!

That is what we had to do. Put a professional chef in everyone's kitchen talking them through each stage of the recipe ensuring perfect results every time.

We contacted world renowned chefs specialising in their own cuisines to create their own recipes.

We then recorded every detail of how they cooked each recipe, all the reasons why they prepare ingredients in certain ways, why they add spices at different times, all the tricks of the trade that results in creating that perfect authentic meal.

When we had all the information, we then narrated all their instructions onto a CD in such a manner that makes it feel just like your own professional chef is talking you through each stage of the cooking process, right through to the presentation of the dish, ensuring that no matter what recipe you have chosen you will not fail to cook it to perfection.

As all the recipes are done in stages it allows everyone to work at their own pace, checking each stage has been completed before moving to the next stage, taking out the stress and making it a very enjoyable experience.

Why Audio Recipes?

The reason we have chosen to record onto CDs, as mentioned earlier, is that MY OWN CHEF RECIPES want this new revolutionary cooking method to be available to everyone.

To record on DVDs would be more expensive, plus a large percentage of people do not have televisions in their kitchens. By recording on CDs, MY OWN CHEF RECIPES are available to everyone. You can download directly from the website, or can order them to be delivered.

Now you can be confident of introducing your family and friends to a whole new world of culinary delights.

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Shopping is easy! You have three options:

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Free Recipe Download!

Download our authentic Thai Green Chicken Curry recipe for FREE!

Free Recipe Download!

Download our authentic
Thai Green Chicken
Curry recipe for FREE!

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